Dec 19, 2014

Family, Friends and Lovers Xmas Gift Guide

Surely we can't be the only ones who still haven't done all of their holiday gift shopping yet. Maybe you'll have to brave the crowds this weekend or order gifts from the comfort of your home. For both cases we compiled an extensive gift guide, with ideas for family, friends and lovers. Links or shop locations are provided below the collages.


- A/SH MAG just launched their newest mag in collaboration Face to face with the photographer Sara Merz. Want to get your hands on a copy? Get the info on their website.

-Legendary, indispensable eye shadow palette Naked 3 by Urban Decay, available at Manor stores or online.

- Tropical decoration as a contrast to this icy cold weather, available at Interio stores.  

-  Petale de blush for beautiful, rosy cheeks. Get it at Marrionaud shops or online

- Get your sister something beautiful from the gorgeous Arlésienne line of L'Occitane. Have a look online

- Protected lips, all natural thanks to Stark Skincare. Available at our beloved Biomazing shop online

- There's a Yankee candle for every occasion. Get your sister in the mood with a festive scent. Available in many sizes at Coop City department stores or online

- Classic wood sled to revive your childhood days. Available at Rothirsch, with our 20% discount code STYLE. 

- She's a proud cat lady? Get her these sheets.


- Because your classy mom deserves such a nice smelling soap

- Sleek and classic wallet.   

- Long walks and even longer talks outside with your mother require these to stay toasty.  

- Hello darling! We're sure you'll want to borrow this beautiful watch with a rose gold effect quiet often from her. 

- A rich night cream from Burt's Bees, available at Manor department stores or online

- Furla bag, ladylike and chic, just like her. 

- A unisex scent from Roger & Gallet for a powerful woman. Available at Manor and Coop City department stores. 

- The star in your life deserves something sparkling? Have a look at the winter collection of Pandora

- She lovingly makes your favorite Christmas cookies but might enjoy a detox after all these festivities as well.  

- Gold lantern, stylish well beyond the holiday season. Available at Depot stores or online.

- Sony Xperia smartphones, so he can take underwater selfies with you. No, really, they're waterproof. 

- Making coffee, in style. Available at Interio stores or online

- There are many options at Freitag from bags, wallets to even clothes, browse the store or have a look online

- He loves to discover new wines? Get him a monthly subscription, where he'll receive three wines selected by sommeliers, delivered to his door. He can stop and cancel his subscription anytime he wants. A perfect gift for the wine lover. We're happy to share with you a 25% discount code. Just use the code bottle25 to have a reduction on the price of the first month. 

- A thermos for the outdoorsy types, available at The Merchant & Co store or online

- Leather shoes, produced in Switzerland.

- He secretly enjoys nice smelling lotions and potions as well. Surprise him with these available at L'Occitane stores or here.

- Cuddling together under this lama alpaca wool blanket - heaven. Get it at Rothirsch, complete with free shipping in Switzerland.


- Your girl loves unusal items for her home? Look no further than We recently discovered this cute cup & saucer set.

- We're madly in love with anything from Studio Mason and she'll surely be as well. But will love you even more, we promise!

- Scent of love, from Lalique

- Less time in the bathroom, more quality time together. Hair straightener from Babyliss.  

- She likes to dress up for the holidays and even pays attention to details? Have a look at exurbe nail polishes. Available online.  

- Bring color into her life with these fun nail polishes. Available at Marrionaud shops or online.

- Every woman who likes to take good care of her skin needs a Clarisonic. Get her this lovely Clarisonic Aria limited edition winter lace version because she deserves it. Available at Marrionaud shops or online.

- Unique bag for a one of a kind girl.


- Girlfriends are companions for life. Get them a little companion in the form of a pocket brush they can carry in theirs bags to prevent tangles.

- Hunter boots. Next festival season we'll eventally come.

- Give your gals the gift of a relaxing bath. Our favorite is the lavender bath milk from Weleda. Available at Manor or Coop City department stores.

- Holiday drinkware from Starbucks.

- She'll be thankful for such a thoughtful gift. Photo finish primer from Smashbox, available at Marrionaud stores or online.

- Cozy atmosphere, easily created with lanterns from Westwing.

- Cute cookware for her kitchen. Get this casserole it Ikea.

- Look for Kusmi tea tastes that match the personality of your gals.

- Beautiful, minimalist cups.

- It's so fluffy, how can she not like it? Get this pillow at H&M home.

Dec 14, 2014

Sunday's Recipe: Beetroot soup

With its intense red color, this soup is definitely and eye catcher on your festive table. I admit that the color prompted me to try this soup but the earthy, comforting taste itself is what persuaded me entirely. It makes for a perfect winter soup and is a nice change to my usual pumpkin soup I make this time of the year (especially if pumpking is otherwise involved in yourr menu). Even people who usually don't like beetroot, say in their salads for instance, loved this soup. If you are unsure you can always change the beetroot-to-potato-ratio to reduce the flavor. Soups are very entertaining-friendly as I prepare them often the night before and just warm up before serving. No last minute stress involved.

Ingredients (serves 6) 
3 beetroots, peeled and chopped into cubes (if you have plastic gloves at home, wear them! Trust me, the color is intense...) 
3 potatoes, chopped into cubes 
1 onion, chopped 
Salt and pepper to taste 
1 liter vegetable stock 

 How to 
Add a little bit of vegetable oil into a large casserole, add the onion and sautée until soft. Next add the cubed beetroot and potatoes and cook for another 2 minutes until you add the vegetable stock. Season with salt and pepper if you want to, stir well then bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 25 minutes. Cool the soup slightly then puree it in batches in a liquidiser/blender until smooth. Even though I strained the soup through a sieve it doesn't get velvety smooth like for instance pumpkin soup, so you might as well leave this step out, it's up to you. 

 To serve, bring the soup back to a boil and adjust the seasoning if you need to. Serve in warmed bowls with a spoonful of crème fraiche and fresh herbs or sprouts. Adding toasted almonds adds a nice crunch to your soup. 

 Next Sunday you'll find a recipe for the prettiest apple tartlets you have ever seen, I promise!

Dec 13, 2014

The 90s brown lip revival

Bring on the heavy lip liners and the brown lipsticks - the makeup motives of the 90's are back! The whole beauty community went crazy, including me, after no other than Kylie Jenner started to rock a certain lip look: the nineties lip. The range of the nineties lip is actually pretty wide: From deep beige to mauvy pink. The important point in my opinion is not the color but the matte and full-lip look. I think Kylie has a great overall makeup style and she managed to come up with a new trend that nobody was expecting.
I knew right away that I wanted to recreate her lip look. I started to look out for browny lip products in my makeup collection and also went on a hunt for the shades I still needed for this specific look.
The full-lip appearance is essential for the 90's look - the perfect tool for it are lipliners. To be honest I never used lipliners or pencils before, so I purchased a few shades that I wanted to try out.

1. NYX Retractable Lipliner, mpl 01 Natural: This is a very intense beige tone and the perfect base to pull off a brown lip look.
2. Kiko Smart Lip Pencil, 700: This shade includes a peachy undertone. You can go for this liner if you want to recreate a lighter version of the nineties lip.
3. Manhattan X-treme Last Lipliner, 59Y: This mauvy pink-brown reminds me of MAC's 'Whirl', which is known to be Kylie's fave.   
All three liners are richly pigmented and have a very good lasting power. After outlining my lips and also fully filling them in with a lipliner I reach for a lipstick/lipcream to give my lips a more creamy texture. (You can, of course, wear lipliners on their own as well)
I go for this Bourjois lipcream whenever I want a pinky version of the 90s lips. This lipcream is a mauvy nude pink (not really visible in the swatch picture) and it turns completely matte after applying, but it doesn't dry out your lips. The lasting power is incredibly good.
This lipstick has also a pink/coral undertone but it manages to maintain the overall brown nineties lip look. The white spot you see in the middle of the lipstick is a skincare-core which gives you a very hydrating effect. Something you might not really expect is the fact, that this lipstick also turns rather into a long-lasting matte finish.
I reach for this NYX lipcream almost every time to complete a lip look - I always topcoat my lips with it. Why? Because of its ultimate matte finish and it makes every lip look long-lasting. If you want a really browny nineties lip, then this is the lipcream you want to go for.
Since we're facing cold temperatues right now, you might want to finish off your 90s lips with a little bit of extra moisture. Although nineties lips are rather matte, I think you can accomplish a lovely brown lip look by adding a hint of gloss in the center of your lips.
Depending on what kind of undertone I want, I combine all the products mentioned to recreate different versions of the 90s lips.
Which products did I use to accomplish the lip color I wear in the pictures above?
And here' a slightly different look - a more browny and nude version using
Here are all the other products I used for the overall makeup look:
What do you think about the 90s lip trend?

Dec 8, 2014

Thinking outside the box - the green oasis box in Berlin

(photo by Weleda)
Are you the type of person who makes new years resolutions ? We secretly do, as there is something very appealing (yet often unrealistic) in the notion of new year, new me. When we made the decision to try to incorporate more natural products into our beauty routines about a year ago, we wouldn’t have thought they would take over so much of our beauty cabinets. While we haven’t completely sworn off other brands, we definitely tend to reach for our natural and organic products much more often than before. I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to you when we say that we totally adore our Weleda products. But it’s not just the fact that their products work in a very gentle but effective way but also the fact that as a company, this green beauty brand is truly committed to all things natural, organic, eco-friendly, sustainable and fair trade. How can you not think highly of a brand who has such respect, love and responsibility towards nature (and people)?

A couple of weeks back, we were invited to Berlin to check out the Weleda pop-up store at the concept mall Bikini Berlin. It is Weleda's first pop-up store of their corporate history! The idea was to create a green oasis in the midst of an urban city like Berlin.

(photo by Weleda)
The store is rather a pop-up box, meaning that the store won't be permanently located in the mall. But don't worry, until March 2015 you will be able to pay a visit.

Last time we were invited to get to know their Pomegranate Nailcare Line, but this time we had the chance to explore Weleda's new products and also re-explore their core products (e.g. Lavender Relaxing Oil).

A new line that Weleda recently launched is the so called Nachtkerze - a nocturnal plant that builds flowering branches within minutes. The oil from the Nachtkerze-semen prevents the skin from moisture loss and supports its regeneration.
 Check out the Nachtkerze magazine for further information.
We really enjoyed seeing all Weleda products at a glance and testing out several products on site.

We basically opened every Body Oil bottle since we were way too curious about their scents.

We also spotted some accessories like these bio cotton pouches. Aren't they cute?

After soaking in all the good stuff and reconfirming our ambition to incorporate more natural products into our beauty lineups, we had some time left to take a stroll around Berlin.

Thank you Weleda for having us!

Dec 7, 2014

Sunday's Recipe: Roasted pumpkin bruschetta

I mentioned last week that I’m going to share one more pumpkin recipe and here it is. It’s actually a loose variation of the autumnal salad from last week, because the pumpkin is prepared the exact same way meaning these cubes were my leftovers and I quickly assembled a bruschetta because, why not..?  It doesn't always have to be tomatoes.You can serves these as finger food appetizers or even for a lunch.

I'm not going to write down an exact recipe as you can assemble this bruschetta the way you like it.  Here's the description how to roast the pumpkin cubes in the oven.

And this is what I did afterwards: I spread a light layer of cream cheese, placed the roasted pumpkin cubes onto the bread, added some goat's cream cheese, arugula, and balsamic glaze. Mhmmmmm!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Other pumpkin recipes you might like to try:

Autumnal salad with baked pumkin
Pumpkin and apricot jam with vanilla

Dec 5, 2014

Aqua Dome - a relaxing getaway in the Austrian mountains

Have I mentioned that it's not easy for me to be present in the now, to not worry too much and just BE sometimes? The importance of it was one of the lessons I've been tought this year and now whenever I feel stressed out or overwhelmed, I try to conciously seek those relaxing moments. 

Mindfulness, wellbeing, relaxation... all lovely words that are hard to capture. Soothing concepts that I try to incorporate into my everyday life. One of these aspects is of course related to working out and regularly treating your body & mind to sauna sessions, hammams, treatments and so on, which is something I've been doing regularly for over a year now. When your muscles start to relax, usually it doesn't take much longer for your mind to enjoy some peace and quiet as well. 

Wellness weekends at hotels are just the best because after a relaxing day in the spa, you don't have to worry about a messy apartment or what to cook for dinner - it's an indulgent luxury I'd like to treat myself to every now and then. Recently I have been invited* to spend a perfect weekend just as I described before in the Austrian alps, at the huge and impeccable Aqua Dome in Längenfeld (Tyrol area) to be exact. The healing waters of Längenfeld in the Ötztal have been known for decades but the modern thermal spa Aqua Dome makes it now accessible for hotel guest and spa visitors alike.

I think the images speak for themselves. If you'd like to have a relaxing winter getaway, make sure to check out Aqua Dome's offerings for the season as I'm sure you won't regret it.

Photo source: Aqua Dome press pictures
*Full disclosure: I have been invited on this press trip.

Dec 2, 2014

Edelweiss wishlist and opportunity to win a gift voucher from Chic Cham

The fun thing of compiling wishlists is that when you look back, you might be able to tick a lot of the items off your wishlist. One part due to ourselves making plans to reach certain goals (in this case, material, yes I admit it) or loved ones who make them do come true. Remember my wishlist I composed for Edelweiss last year? I'm happy to report back that a lot of them made it into my closet/home/medicine cabinet or bookshelf. So without further ado I present you my wishlist 2014, filled with things I'm currently coveting.

Now this year again readers get to choose their favorite wishlist, and every voter gets the chance to win a gift voucher worth CHF 200.00 to use at Chic Cham (in their shop in Lausanne or online!). The wishlisht with the most votes would get a voucher as well. So if you like mine, I'd appreciate a vote from your part. 

To do so, please go to this site, choose the wishlist/blogger whom you'd like to give your vote to and fill in your contact information in case you'll win. Good luck (to you and to me)! ❤

Dec 1, 2014

Hello December

The end of the year is fast approaching and while I can't wait to reach the end and enjoy some time away from work, I also conciously want to slow down and enjoy the days leading up to the holidays as well. True to the saying "happiness is not a destination - it is a journey" I'll try to find those happy moments in the day to day as well. And if all else fails, I'll have this huge advent calendar to be the thing I'll look forward to each day.

My sister made us this beautiful calendar as a bribe to look after Lilly the cat while she's away on vacation as a surprise because she's simply fabulous like that. I can't wat to open the first one tonight and then every other day as my boyfriend gets to open the even numbers. Such a great idea, I can't thank her enough for being so thoughtful. ❤ 

Now I know everyone is wondering about the same thing: where did I get this beautiful wood sled*? The answer is Rothirsch, a Swiss brand focusing on everyday products  which they sell in their online shop. Their products always combine simple design with functionality, as is the case with this wood sled. It's a special edition of the characteristic mountain rodels and produced by Gloco, which makes these since 1919. While waiting for the snow to take this sled outside, it serves us beautifully as a winter decoration in our flat. 

Update: We are very happy to announce that together with Rothirsch we are offering you a 20% discount on this wood sled. Enter the code STYLE before you checkout (click the button „update your cart total“ to see the reduction). This code is valid until December 31st 2014, so it’s a perfect occasion to buy it for yourself or a loved one as a present. Pssst : There’s even free shipping within Switzerland. Now we only need to hope for snow, right… ?

*This product was provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich.

Nov 30, 2014

Sunday's Recipe: Autumnal salad with baked pumpkin

Today I'm sharing with you a salad recipe I've found two years ago in a magazine and made countless times, always wanting to share it here on the blog. The thing is, whenever I prepare this salad I don't have the time to take proper step by step pictures but some things are just too good to not share, so here we go:

Ingredients (serves four)

400 gr pumpkin, cut in cubes 
2 tsp olive oil salt & pepper 
4 cups mixed leaf salad of the season 
4 tbsp pomegranate seeds 
8 tsp roasted pumpkin seeds
60 gr goat cream cheese, crumbled 

4 tbsp pumpkin seed oil 
2 tbsp white wine vinegar 
3 tbsp orange juice 
1 tsp Dijon mustard 
1 tsp honey 
Salt & pepper 

 Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius. Coat the pumpkin cubes with olive oil, add salt & pepper to taste. Spread them loosely on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes until they're just slightly browned and al dente. Take them out of the oven and let the cubes cool. Put all the dressing ingredients in a sealed tupperware or jar and give the dressing a good shake. All the ingredients should be well mixed and a bit creamy in consistency. Wash the salad and arrange the leaves on 4 plates. Now add to each plate 1/4 of the baked pumpkin cubes, 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds, 2 tsp roasted pumpkin seeds, crumble some goat cheese over your creation and drizzle 2 tbsp of the dressing over it.

Next week I'll share another simple pumpkin recipe before the season is over...  

Nov 20, 2014

Pink Box anniversary

Pink Box is a monthly beauty products subscription service and celebrates its 3rd anniversary this year. What started as a small startup has become a fully established beauty supplier to those who love to test out the latest trends going on in the beauty industry. All products coming within the box are either original or special size and you can expect a variety of over 150 different beauty brands. 

 Do you want to treat yourself with the latest beauty news or even surprise a dear friend with a pink box? Then feel free to visit their website to get to know their concept. If you like the idea and want to try your luck, congratulate Pink Box on their 3rd anniversary by entering our giveaway on our facebook page. This Pink Box contains the following products:

- La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
- Eucerin In Shower Body Lotion
- Gliss Kur 6 Miracles Oil Essence
- Beauty uk High Brow Kit
- Labello Repair & Beauty Lip Balm

Head over to our facebook page to find out how to enter the giveaway open for everyone residing in Switzerland (ends Sunday 23rd of November, 2014 at 11 pm!) We will chose three lucky winners!

Good luck!

Nov 9, 2014

Sunday's Recipe: Eggplant and figs

When do you typically pin recipes on Pinterest (if you ever look for food inspiration, that is)? 
As for me, it happens to be on my commute home in the evenings. Probably the time I'm most hangry* (guilty as charged). On such an occasion I came across that image on Pinterest that combined two things I already loved separately: eggplant and figs. Combined they were very unexpected for me but so delicious I made this recipe twice so far. Once I served it with couscous and the other time with quinoa, satisfying every single time.

Ingredients for two persons: 

2 small eggplants
2 cloves of garlic, minced 
1 large ball of fresh mozzarella, sliced 
1/2 of a leek, thinly sliced (also good: spring onions)
2 fresh figs, sliced (I'm going to try if it also works with dried figs)
a few cherry tomatoes,
olive oil, salt and pepper to taste

How to:

Cut the eggplant in half and score its flesh with a couple of strokes with your knife, without cutting the skin. Then rub the halves with a clove of garlic, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Arrange eggplant halves, open side down, in a large roasting pan and braise for a couple of minutes until they look like in the picture below. Alternatively you could also bake the eggplant in the oven.

When the eggplant is done, it's time to top it with the remaining ingredients: tomatoes, figs, mozzarella slices and lastly the leek (tip: maybe it would be better to cook the leek a little bit before to soften them, because mine browned in the oven). 

At this point you can also add spices and herbs to your hearts desire. Roast the eggplant in a 180 degree Celsius oven for about 15 minutes or until your cheese is bubbly. Just before serving, you could drizzle balsamic reduction on top on. As I mentioned before, it goes great with couscous or quinoa. 

Let me know when you try this recipe - I love hearing from you!

Oct 30, 2014


Alacati was one of the places I wanted to visit for a long time because every picture I saw and every story I heard were so positive and provided everything a perfect summer holiday place should include in my book. Picture whitewashed houses, cobbled streets, antique boutique shops, cute cats, lovely restaurants and cafés, beautiful beaches... 

 We spent two nights in a quite popular neighbourhood at a recently opened hotel which was very conveniently located in the village part called Hacimemis. We just loved being invited for tea by kind shop owners, walking around in the warm summer evenings deciding where to have dinner, spending a relaxing day at the beach. We wanted to savor those quiet moments because straight after that we headed to Istanbul, which I will show you in my next post...

When we saw these antique doors, we thought about how original they would look transformed into a table...

Silk top: Rachel Zoe
Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent
Shorts: Maje
Espadrilles: Espadrij l'original

a corner in our room at the Haci Memis Palas

Kum Beach

Beach dress: Zara